Why You Can’t Afford A Cheap SaaS Content Writer

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Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company’s arsenal. Whether investing in email campaigns, SEO content hubs, social media content, or something in between, the right content strategy can have a handsome ROI. After all, SaaS content marketing can serve several purposes, including:

  • Drawing leads (potential clients or users) to your company’s website.
  • Educating readers and potential users about your software or products.
  • Promoting brand recognition and setting you apart from the competition.

In many cases, SaaS companies look externally for content production support. This is especially true for SaaS startups, which often don’t have an extra five or six figures lying around to put into large-scale content production.

When on the hunt for a SaaS content writer, it can be tempting to seek out the cheapest possible candidate in order to save capital for product development or other internal endeavors. But while price shopping may be wise when looking for a pair of shoes or a new TV, the reality is that it’s almost never the right move when seeking out a SaaS content writer.

Sure, pumping high-volume, low-quality content writing works for companies in certain industries. You’ve likely found yourself baffled by the grammatical errors or awkward phrasing plaguing articles in the top results of Google searches. But when it comes to SaaS marketing, you simply can’t afford to cheap out on a content writer.

Here’s why you should ditch the discount mindset and look for a SaaS content writer who’s really worth their rates.

Why Hire A SaaS Content Writer In The First Place?

Finding a decent SaaS content writer isn’t hard. After all, plenty of freelance writers understand the basics of both good copywriting and the ins and outs of the SaaS industry.

Finding a great SaaS content writer, on the other hand, is a different matter. But why go through the effort of weeding through “good enough” applicants to find an exceptional copywriter and content creator?

In short, your team already has enough on their plate. Although they’re the most knowledgeable about your software and your brand, their time is better spent developing new products, improving existing software, and maintaining or creating new client relationships. Even if you’re confident in your or your team’s writing chops, you may very well find that it’s worth more, in the long run, to outsource content writing rather than deal with taking it in-house.

What’s more, a great SaaS content writer likely possesses skills that go far beyond copywriting. They can help revamp your marketing game, from suggesting organic SEO strategies to guiding paid advertising and marketing campaigns.

Cheap SaaS Content Writers Can Do More Harm Than Good

If you’ve just released your SaaS product, you know how much effort has gone into its development and release. Countless hours of debugging and troubleshooting, communicating back and forth with developers, and making final calls on branding and design haven’t been spent in vain. After all, you now have your “baby:” an app or program you’re really proud of.

So, why risk your brand’s reputation and credibility on dime-store content?

Just like quality, experienced SaaS content writers can help boost your brand and create buzz around your new product, those with lower rates or a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” approach to copywriting can do serious damage to your brand image. After all, nothing leaves a bad taste in readers’ mouths like poorly written, low-effort content written by someone who clearly has little understanding of what they’re talking about.

Think of it this way: even if the product itself is great, what does it say about the team (and, by extension, their commitment to providing clients or customers with a quality experience) when they can’t be bothered to vet the quality of their content production?

You Can’t Fake Experience

You’ve found a SaaS content writer who fits your budget. They have a myriad of glowing reviews from past clients. Sounds like a great fit, right?

Well, no—at least, not until you’ve reviewed their experience with SaaS writing in particular

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a SaaS content writer is relevant industry experience. It’s not enough to simply offer a few samples of loosely related content—your candidates should show that they know their stuff and can communicate it effectively. 

This kind of experience often comes at a higher price point—but it’s well worth it. Whether explaining the basics of how your software works to a layman’s audience or taking a more thorough look under the hood at the back-end development of your product, a great SaaS content writer will be able to create content that is engaging, effective, and knowledgeable.

You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly whether a potential candidate actually understands software as a service. Does their writing read like a seasoned pro who has worked in the industry themselves? Or does it seem more like they’ve done some baseline research just before (or, worse, during the process of) writing their content?

Ready To Connect With Expert SaaS Content Writers?

Great SaaS content writers can help foster brand image and awareness, generate new leads and clients, and create hype around new products. But on an individual level, they can only do so much. Especially when it comes to organic, SEO-driven content, the success of your marketing campaigns depends on large-scale, consistent output.

If you’re looking for high-quality, high-volume SaaS content, consider partnering with an agency. Agencies stake their reputations and business on their work. Their success depends on their industry knowledge and professionalism—so you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t waste your time with low-effort SaaS content.

Enter Tailored Ink. Our team of dedicated SaaS content writers can handle whatever project you’re starting, from white papers and one-pagers to pitch decks, SEO content hubs, and more. Don’t cheap out when it comes to SaaS content—find the writers who’ll prove their ROI.

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