Why Quality Writing Matters: A Boutique Philosophy

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There’s a common misconception that no one reads anymore.

In fact, the opposite is true: more people are reading now than ever before. Between blog posts, emails, social media updates, eBooks, text messages, Wikipedia articles, and everything else the Internet offers, we process about 54,000 words a day, the length of a typical novel.

But how much of that content actually sticks with you? There is more content out there than ever, but so little of it lingers in your brain. You see it every day. Forgettable click-bait articles. Emails sent straight to the overflowing spam folder. eBooks you drop after the first ten pages.

This shouldn’t be the way of things.

A Different Approach: The Boutique Writing Philosophy

Most “writing agencies” (i.e., content mills) hire cheap, inexperienced college graduates or overseas writers to produce mediocre content. There is no marketing strategy, no desire to be memorable—only an assembly line of low quality writing for the lowest bidder.

Tailored Ink does just the opposite. We want to rid the world of inefficient writing.

We’re a small, select team of elite writers. We’ve been published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. We’ve worked at places like The Economist, The Writer, Hearst, and Mashable. And we’ve written for clients like Google, Microsoft, Unilever, and PepsiCo. We care about effective, memorable content that leaves a lasting impression.

But writing doesn’t sell anything on its own. We also offer “full stack” marketing services. We can come up with your inbound and outbound strategy, run both, and test them, too. Or we can manage a single element of a specific campaign. The choice is yours.

Sell More With Better Marketing

Why should you care about quality? Because you care about sales.

Quality content and smart marketing strategies sell your products and services faster and better. Consider these simple improvements to your website:

  1. Google’s Penguin Algorithm favors credible websites. Clickbait is no longer enough to obtain a high-ranking search result. Google demands that quality sites link to yours and that your information is fresh, relevant, and popular.
  1. Less than a quarter of promotional emails get opened. The average click-through rate is only 2.5%. Separating yourself from the pack requires eye-catching subject lines and hook, line, and sinker content.
  1. More landing pages convert to more sales: According to HubSpot, when you increase 6-10 landing pages to 10-15 landing pages, you see an average 55% boost in sales. But with so many inferior landing pages that block content or feature un-clickable offers, not all landing pages are created equal.  

We want to help you make smart inbound and outbound marketing decisions. We want to launch exciting campaigns that get your leads to open up their wallets. Because if you succeed, so do we.

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2 thoughts on “Why Quality Writing Matters: A Boutique Philosophy”

  1. Great article Dan! Congrats on taking a leap to start something of your own.. I commend you for it. I couldnt agree with everything above more, and I’m not the ONLY brilliant mind around either. Wish you the best of luck!

  2. Thank you for these two concepts (that will linger a while in my brain):

    “. . . but so little of it lingers in your brain.”
    “Most writing agencies (i.e., content mills) hire cheap, inexperienced college graduates or overseas writers to produce mediocre content.”


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