This Is What Amazing Real Estate Content Writers Look Like

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Trying to create memorable real estate content? You can’t skimp on the writers.  

Whether you’re dealing with residential, commercial, or industrial properties, employing talented real estate content writers is a necessity. It’s not just about stringing together words that sound nice—it’s about pushing your marketing strategies to the next level and unlocking your brand’s potential for success.

Here’s our breakdown of how and why investing in a quality real estate content writer is an invaluable tool for any company.

What’s the deal with real estate content writers?

You can pay people online peanuts, and they’ll churn out content for you. But is the content going to sell properties? 

It’s not just about pumping out large amounts of content at a heavy frequency. Good won’t cut it. Great may falter. You need to produce the best, most compelling real estate copy in the game. 

The quality of writing you employ can have a tremendous impact on how potential clients see your brand and your company as a whole. Half-baked work will reap less-than-stellar rewards. That’s why you have to be careful with outsourcing. Mediocre ghostwriters are quick to provide so-so content that you either rewrite yourself or have to scrap entirely. 

A qualified real estate content writer is one with an extensive understanding of the different real estate markets and what makes them tick. They study the trends, they stay up-to-date with the latest relevant news and research, and, most importantly, they can help you identify how to make your brand stand out against industry competitors. 

Why do real estate content writers matter? 

What’s the difference between an excellent real estate content writer and the average one? Excellent real estate content writers make it their mission to understand your company. 

Anyone can throw together some copy about high rent prices or the most lucrative current markets. It takes a professional to take that information, compile it, and present it as new, riveting information that both informs and engages your customer base. Amazing real estate content writers also know how to market their material, and can cater their content to the individual needs of their clients. Try getting the average college student to do that. 

Working with experienced real estate content writers can also make your job a whole lot easier. They will take tasks off of your plate and give you more time to focus on the stuff that matters. 

We get it. It may be tempting to try to put together your own brand content and copy—after all, it’s just writing, and no one knows your brand better than you, right? The reality is that the strategy that goes into planning, developing, and publishing efficient marketing content is a pretty big task, one that requires considerable amounts of effort, time, and resources. Add in the need for boosting organic SEO and managing sufficient traffic to your brand’s digital outlets, and you may find yourself with a project that is likely much more than you bargained for.

Real estate content writers take these duties off your shoulders so you can focus on more pressing tasks while they handle what they do best. The real estate content writer you want will know how to organically grow SEO, how to market your brand efficiently and successfully, how much content to put out and of why type, and more. 

Avoiding problematic real estate content writers 

By spending the money on a professional, you’re also more likely to see a top-grade product for your investment. 

As with most things online, there are countless shady or outright fraudulent copywriting or ghostwriting organizations that prey on the unsuspecting or uninformed consumer.

With these kinds of businesses, your work may be outsourced to writers based on availability rather than capability. Yes, it may be easy to spot writers who don’t have English as their first language, but poor quality writing is the least of your worries. False information and plagiarism are more insidious and can be difficult to spot. 

These kinds of things are common in organizations that are just trying to make a quick buck. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

What to look for when hiring a real estate content writer

With all that in mind, it may seem almost Herculean to find qualified real estate content writers for your brand. Not so. When looking at potential candidates, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Knowledge and experience: Look for real estate content writers who are well-versed in their industry. What sets real estate content writers apart from your average copywriter is how well they know their specialty. A good portfolio can back up a resume and give you a better idea of a writer’s tone, style, adaptability, and so forth, but ensuring they have the necessary experience that pertains to real estate is of utmost importance.

    Financial copywriters for banks thoroughly understand banking regulations, how internal programs and accounts work, and their bank’s unique selling points. Real estate content writers should be no different. They’ll understand how real estate law affects the industry, stay up-to-date on market trends and analysis, and know what sets your company apart from the rest. 
  • Credentials: While an impressive portfolio isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to hiring a quality real estate content writer, it most certainly helps. An established record of clients and past work can demonstrate how well a writer really knows their craft, how accomplished they are, and can even offer insight into their content through testimonials and customer reviews. A few high-profile names doesn’t hurt either.

    Just don’t focus too much on brand recognition—remember, major companies often have their own dedicated marketing and writing teams! 
  • Voice and Style: Something that companies often don’t consider is whether or not a writer’s tone and voice match that of the brand they’re producing content for. Is the tone of your company matter-of-fact and straight to the point? Do you want your customers to see you as a respected authoritative source, or as a more amiable and down-to-earth firm?

    A quality real estate content writer will make sure that any content they produce accurately represents your company’s style, tone, and general approach while highlighting your strengths in ways that appeal to your target demographic, whatever it may be.  
  • Responsibility: It may seem hard to judge a writer before you work with them, but there are ways to assess their responsibility and commitment even before the formal interview process. 
    • Are their responses, whether by phone or email, timely and organized?
    • Do their communications contain careless errors, or do they often miss messages from you for prolonged periods of time? 
    • Do they come prepared with available references and past experiences listed?

These questions can give you greater insight into what you do and don’t want from a candidate, which can, in turn, help you find your ideal real estate content writer.

  • Professionalism: Similar to responsibility, professionalism can be judged in more subtle ways before a candidate becomes a hire. 
    • Do they treat your conversations seriously and ask engaged or thoughtful questions? 
    • Do they understand the nature of content writing, including tight turn-around times, the revision process, and what your company expects of them?

A professional real estate content writer will approach the position offered with tact, treating it as they would any other serious profession. If a candidate seems too flippant or does not appear to take the role seriously, this could be an indicator of poor reliability and professionalism and should be avoided. 

  • Number of writers: Consider your company’s needs. Are you looking for a single real estate content writer, or would it be easier to employ a team or agency to manage the content work required for your brand?

    Both agencies and freelancers offer their share of pros and cons depending on what your company is looking for, so it’s important to consider all of your options and what your current needs may be before hiring someone new.

Consider an agency for real estate writing 

Something to keep in mind is that while quality real estate content writers can do wonders for your brand and the content you produce, individual writers can only handle so much. Larger companies or grander-scale projects may require the skills and attention of more than one writer to handle in order to be done well.

If high-volume quality real estate writing is what you’re interested in, consider hiring an agency that specializes in the industry. Reliable agencies employ any number of skilled and talented writers with a plethora of experience and insight in their fields. 

While agencies can be more expensive than individual freelance writers, they offer the option to tackle multiple or larger projects at one time, and are best suited to meet the needs of large-scale clients. 

At Tailored Ink, we employ some of the finest writers in the field with an abundance of experience handling high-volume, quality work that is sure to help your brand shine. Reach out to us to learn more about how our real estate content writers can help you build up your company’s content.

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