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We walk you through better branding and lead generation. Then we create content that gives you leads while you’re sleeping.

Our Clients

We’ve created content for Fortune 500s, budding startups, and solopreneurs. Here are a few of our happy customers:

Rich Dad Poor Dad
American National Bank
Commercial Bank of Dubai
Jamaica Money Market Brokers
Roadway Moving
Content Management Institute
Single Grain
Brand Yourself


We work closely with each of our clients on their unique needs and goals. Here’s what they have to say about our work:

Every time someone asks me for a content writer, I send them to Tailored Ink. They know how to deliver the quality of work we need and are very capable of adapting their style for any publication. Delivery is quick and they're fantastic with edits.

Meredith Wood

VP of Content at Fundera
I can honestly say that working with Tailored Ink has been an absolute pleasure. They work tirelessly to provide the world with quality content. It's a comfort to know they’re in my corner.

Carlos Iniguez

VIP Department Manager at BrandYourself
Tailored Ink has been key to our content pipeline at Spacious, and are an absolute pleasure to work with. They strike the right balance between being self-starters who also respond well to feedback.

Preston Pesek

CEO of Spacious
Han is a world-class copywriter and brilliant direct content marketer. I've been an online marketer for 15 years and worked with Dan Kennedy. I hold Han in that top 5 category of the most talented copy geniuses I've ever worked with in my entire career.

Wendy Stevens

CEO of Convert Connections
I am a 35+ year IT professional and business owner whose company website needed help. Tailored Ink cleverly took my technospeak and made it appropriate. I had a complete website that I was very proud of in no time at all.

Robert Cohen

CEO of PopTech
I started my marketing career when these guys were learning how to walk...that's why it pains me to write this recommendation. You'll never hear Dan or Han brag. They listen, digest, then go out to do great work. I always recommend them to my clients.

Zev Asch

President at Ledaza Inc
Han and Dan are great content marketers. They help clients build up their personal brands and get in front of thousands of qualified leads. I would definitely recommend them if you need anything related to content marketing.

Eric Siu

CEO of Single Grain
The guys at Tailored Ink are outstanding team collaborators and communicators. We often share tips and strategies for personal branding and contributor posting. They have teams for content creation, promotion, link building, brand awareness, etc.

Jacob Warwick

CEO of ThinkWarWick Communications
If you talk to Dan or Han for even a minute you'll realize why so many business owners are rushing to be their clients. These guys are exactly the people you want to work with: lighthearted, professional, and forward thinking. They do premium work.

Michael Tesalona

SEO Specialist at Bradford & Crabtree
There's a big difference between good copy and content, and good copy and content for you or your brand. I've seen Tailored Ink take companies with no strategy for content to a place where they are building authority and driving traffic within weeks.

Jan Roos

CEO of ExpertEngines

Our Writers

Han and Dan started Tailored Ink with a simple philosophy: create highly targeted, human content that sells. Then they sought out the best agency copywriters and journalists for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Email han(at) for an answer.

  • Why should we hire you?
    Any content mill can get a recent college grad to write listicles for your blog. But if you want to drive leads and conversions, we’re your team.
  • How are you different from other writers/agencies?
    Superior Quality: every piece we write is penned by a seasoned writer and vetted by an in-house editor.

    Tight Turnaround: Enjoy the turnaround times you’d expect from a freelancerbut with the support of an entire agency behind it.

    Boutique ServiceSmall teams don’t have a lot of bureaucracy. We're obsessed with efficiency, transparency, and doing right by our clients.
  • How do revisions work? Are they included in the fee?
    We're happy to do revisions as long as they're within the scope of work (e.g., a 500-word blog post doesn’t balloon to 1,000 words after a revision).
  • Is your personal branding service confidential?
    We never mention our clients unless we have permission to do so. You have all rights to the content we write for you.
  • What are your rates?
    Our rates vary depending on the length and duration of projects. Like all agencies, we have one-off rates for one-time work, and discounted rates for recurring or high-volume orders. rates for weekly and monthly packages.

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